Pacific Reef Fisheries | Sydney, New South Wales
Photographs of Chef Matt Bates preparing Cobia for Pacific Reef Fisheries at Cafe Sydney, Circular Quay, Sydney

Pacific Reef Fisheries | Sydney, New South Wales

There are days when my work is hot, dusty, arduous and exhausting. This was not one of those days :-) Thanks so much to Maria from Pacific Reef Fisheries for the chance to work with her and her fabulous product in such great locations. Oh yes, and to taste such divine dishes conjured up using Maria’s delicious Cobia by such food luminaries as Josh Niland (Fish Face, Double Bay), Mark Jensen (Red Lantern, Darlinghurst), Matt Bates (Cafe Sydney, Circular Quay), Monty Koludrovic (Icebergs, Bondi Beach) and Tom Walton (Bucket List, Bondi Beach).


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