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Dangled in a personnel cage at the end of a crane, leaning from a helicopter at height over the site (harnessed of course), balancing in a small boat set out from a bridge or looking over the edge of a fume stack

There is no room for complacency in mining photography. The subjects are massive, the hazards considerable and the conditions difficult. Dealing with all this whilst composing, exposing and collecting imagery that any entity would be very proud to present themselves with, takes experience. We’re used to adversity when it comes to capturing the most dramatic and impact full imagery for you to present your company to it’s stakeholders.

Over the past decade and more, we have made visually stunning imagery of mining operations throughout Australia. We cover all aspects from underground mining operations and open pit or open cut operations through technical services, administration and aerial photography of the entire mine site. Our portraiture of your personnel will be second to none and we’re adept at capturing imagery that perfectly illustrates your processes and plants as well as the final product.

The subjects are massive, the hazards considerable and the conditions difficult

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If you need photography, videography or even time lapse photography of your next project, talk to us. We’re happy to take the time to liaise with you to ensure that the right approach is taken. Despite our insistence on providing only the best quality to our customers you’ll be surprised to see that we’re still very competitive.

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