Corporate Portraits

Corporate Portraits

The most common questions asked about corporate headshots

Headshots are not just for celebrities or models – they are an important medium to showcase the people that represent your company or business no matter the sector. Clients want to know the people behind the business and especially with business tools such as LinkedIn; professional photos are more important than ever before.

We answer some common questions about the importance of professional headshots.


My mobile phone takes pretty good pictures, why can’t I just use that?

Branding and professionalism are key to the success of any business. Why spend all that money on marketing your product if you aren’t going to market your people? The people behind the business is what makes the company tick. A professionally thought out and well lit photograph will always be noticeable against an image shot on a mobile phone. It is important to let clients know that you care about professionalism and branding and a (and well lit) picture really is worth a thousand words.

iPhone 6 vs Professional lighting, equipment, and postproduction.

What if I just use some stock images on our website?

Stock images are fine for general pages on your website, however, the ‘About Us’ page or Biography usually gets the most amount of web traffic on any website. It’s important to show clients who you are on these pages. Using a stock image doesn’t represent you or the ambience of your business to your potential clients. People want to connect the business with a face and feel a personal connection. Adding a professional headshot gives you the advantage of presenting a friendlier and more approachable front as well as looking incredibly professional.Which image do you find more relatable and approachable?


What if I have a perfectly good headshot that was taken 5 years ago?

People’s appearances change over years. You don’t want to mislead your clients by making them think they are meeting with someone who looks somewhat different to how you look now. Transparency is always key in business. The average shelf year of a corporate headshot is around two years. It is always important to update headshots to depict any sort of evident physical change. Clients don’t want to feel like they have been lied to. An honest headshot translates into an honest business.

These two images below were taken less than 2 years apart.


Why Choose Through The Looking Glass Studio?

  • We’ll come to your work place with our professional studio lighting or you can come to our fully air-conditioned headquarters* (Corporate portraits in the workplace often add more personality).
  • Corporate headshots can be done for just one person or a whole team
  • Our prices are flexible according to your needs and wants. Contact us today for your personal quote.
  • We service TownsvilleToowoomba and beyond!
* Studio and headquarters in Townsville only.
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